Top 5 Leading Truck Stops in the United States


Top 5 Leading Truck Stops in the United States

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Top 5 Leading Truck Stops

The road can get even the strongest trucker weary and tired. Long hours, the monotony of driving straight for hours on end can wear away at anyone. Everyone needs a break after putting in long hours at the wheel. Who knows better than fellow truck drivers where the best truck stops are? Trucker Path has compiled a list of the top 100 truck stops in the United States and Canada as rated by truckers. Here’s a list of the top five truck stops in the US and Canada(in no particular order):


Big Horn Travel Center Fort Worth, TX

Big Horn Travel Center sits in Fort Worth, Texas. It is a 9,000 square foot behemoth that offers more than just gas and a convenient on & off exit. It houses a Dunkin’ Donuts, Taco Bueno, and of course, their very own Big Horn Grill. There’s plenty of seating available for any weary traveler passing through. Set in the theme of a log cabin, this bigger is better features rocking chairs, a fireplace, and a walk-in beer cave. It’s a no-brainer that truckers have chosen this location as one of the best truck stops North America has to offer.


Highway 51 Truck Stop Merrill, WI

The Highway 51 Truck Stop, also affectionately referred to as the Friendship House, is an old-school diner that serves old fashioned meals. If you’re hungry in the area this stop has exactly what you need. According to people that pass on through their meal portions are extremely large. You’ll easily be able to find a meal that fills you up and then some. If you’re looking to rest you can also find some rooms to rest your eyes.


19 AND 75 Filling Station Ivanhoe, MN

Special is this location’s favorite word. The 19&75 Filling Station has daily specials so every stop is a unique experience. The variety of the food offered for these specials in endless. One week you might find the Filling Station treating you to Chili; the next week you’ll be served Taco Salads with the option of hard or soft shells. If you hate surprises, their specials don’t have to be, you can check their Facebook page for information on what that day’s special is.


Coffee Cup Fuel Stop Summit, SD

This South Dakota based truck stop shows that you don’t need to have a fancy gimmick to attract people. As long as the location has what’s needed then people will come. It has parking for any time of transportation vehicle. Overnight parking for those that really need to rest their eyes for a spell. Private showers, a laundry, and more. That’s not even including their food amenities.If you’re on the road and want to feel like you’re back at home and can rely on the Coffee Cup Fuel Stop.


Williston Truck Facility Williston, ND

Williston doesn’t have the personal taste of the aforementioned stops, but it does have commercial value. It’s the theme park resort of the truck stop world. It even needs reservations to take advantage of the benefits it offers. With 14 Acres of Semi Truck Parking, a 10,000 Square Foot indoor complex with a lounge, bathrooms, showers, Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, and plug-ins it’s easy to see why.

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